Al Raqqa
civic Generator

Post and through war Reconstruction for Raqqa city
[graduation project]

Project "Al Raqqa -Civic generator" is a tale about a neighborhood in the city of Raqqa, a once lively town at by the river Euphrates in Syria, reduced now to rubble by the raging war in Syria and prior to it by harsh political conditions and environmental changes. This story is an exploration of a scenario where elements from the city's past, both materialistic and cultural, are weaved and reused to rebuild its future. it’s also the story of the people of the Raqqa, their struggle and fight to rebuild their beloved home, and reconnect the shattered fragments of their society, it’s about an architecture in time of emergency, that looks beyond the questions of form and program, to face the more pressing challenging of resources, needs, and identity.

head image (top*)
​Time section (from left to right) of the rebuilding strategy, starts by clearing the rubbles (left) and camping on-site, the mission of the founding group is to build the first vaults, and then moving into it to use as a base of operation to build the next ones,thus allowing more people to move to campus to accelerate the building process.
as people begin to repair and return to their original houses, the structures are repurposed d to be used in 3 main public functions, as suggested here, Vocational training center and workshops, Market, and Farming school.

The case study location used to be a political prison previously, it held the same function when ISIS took the city as a capital, only to be completely razed to the ground by the international coalition’s airstrikes. and it still so now

The modular construction template, made of only three unique elements, to insure a rapid and easy production, the form can be used to construct a vault, then collapsed once done to be reused to build the next one.

Plan Grid evolution