Forest of Latexological Order

Since the majority of man-made objects, especially buildings are built with the mentality of resisting the aging process and time effects till the moment, these objects are discarded (with various level of success at this mission ) only to end discarding it prematurely or after a heavy cosmetic intervention.

We asked the question what if we designed the building in the first place, so it won’t end up getting killed prematurely or after heavy cosmetic intervention, a building that grows by time, and morph through different life stages as living entity would do , and this was the concept of Latexological forest to anticipate the nature elements and changing factors, and give it constructive role as it inevitably interact with the object, so it fit in place in the building life-cycle .

To achieve this goal, we excluded our material to either organic and biodegradable material, and living substances represented in seeds and growing mediums, of course, dealing with nature, much unpredictable and incalculable factors can emerge, and for that, we left a margin for the every unexpected and surprise nature to act and amaze.


How Does IT work

Sheet of natural unvolcanzied latex are pre engraved or cut with the spcial design pattern that allows it to streatch foilding up into the desired shape, while being hooked to the support elemnts in the rouusinding by cables (to trees or buildings)

Time Section in the structural organic cable

The latex sheets are embedded with fiber bundles that are composed of different layers different flora seeds and mushroom spawn to will grow respectively upon the deterioration of the latex and being exposed to the elements, the growing organic matter from these fibers is designed to provide the ecosystem of the structure to solidify by capturing dust and sand particles...etc. transforming it into a permanent structure

Structure after (left) and before( right) transformation

Proposed site I : Urban zone

The urban zone selection comes as addition, as a way to test the ability of the design to adapt to other natural agents, (human in this case) into its life cycle to witness what differences it may witness on levels of form and materialization, we chose to make it as a playground to have full human interaction with human at their prime of playfulness (children) as many users.

Proposed site II : abandoned mining location -west Germany

The structure is anticipated to kickstart eco-diversity in this scratched earth site, where fauna and flora have been severely damaged due to the mining process. the introduction of Latex forest would promote several types of vegetation to have a boost on it, and its direct surrounding, g with what follows it of insects and fungi, later and while the solidification is taking place, more and more small animals will start using it for shelter and habitat

In this project, I tried to exclude my work for analog and hands-on research, physical experiments on actual materials besides focusing my research on Natural organic materials. And a pure analog and hands-on approach while limiting my digital gimmicks to its narrowest. The result was a very satisfying experience, and to some extent, life-changing, in one hand, it pushes me to explore the world of craftsmanship. I enjoyed especially the artistic expressionist side of this studio, where I tried to translate the properties of materials I worked with into poetic forms.