happens in the mirror universe

Presentation skills studio

This studio focused on recognizing and gaining advanced architectural communication skills, namely visual ones, by being able to produce high-quality architecturally communicative products and building the design vocabulary both visually and verbally.

Context itself was secondary, almost arbitrarily selected to be later post conceptualized and retrofitted within the Territory, Ground, Setting, Topology, Event, Narrative, Scenario and Coding)

My chosen arbitrary topic, started from (collage model) of random metal scrabs , followed by an attempt to create a digital representation of it ending in what I considered a failure at the bigging , I was encouraged by the touter to accept it, and embrace it as a form of (glitch art) and get the focus on it rather than looking for the next thing .

This new narrative led to whole distinct and exciting results, as I sat a goal to justify the glitch as if it was a Genuine reality, in a different world or universe, making what we may consider a glitch or error conventionally, would be the norm otherwise.

From that point on I was engaged in the creative process of world-building, attempting to draw the new limits and natural laws governing this other made-up world, ending by an attempt to find other laws of physics govern vision of what a city or building would like and act like in it.