Earth House

commission from orio architecten

Earthhouse in Slijk Ewijk- The Netherlands, consists of a central Villa with two attached Guesthouses, the structure consists of linear wood elements in a reciprocal frame structure, I worked on the guest house design.

The design focuses on building with eco-friendly materials, using reciprocal frame building system for the structure upon a request from the client as he is fascinated by its logic-defining behavior as well as of the patterns resulting of it, He is also asking for a building system that he can participate in building it himself, the final finish would be a floor green roof the extend to the ground

Using Costume made Computer script ( based on Kangaroo plugin- Karamba and grasshopper ) to analyze the initial geometry of the building, to optimize for structural integrity, and base on surface curvature analysis, to use it so simulate the final reciprocal structure.

Testing with physical model indoor and real scale elements

Landscape study by Buro Kris