Dorp OP Top

commercial housing

The municipality of Hilversum is aiming to raise the density of the old part of the city, and our response was a plan for occupying the niches in the city(in-between spaces and rooftops) this where this proposal dorp op top or village on top, for raw housing built on top of an existing commercial building.

*Impression for the public space environment on the roof top, the drawing style is inspired by the German Graphic designer Sabine Heine

potentials of individualization personal houses,inspired by the works of the late Dieter Prinz

My aim was to create a healthy social life and lively public space on top, where this Urban environment allows for people to meet and interact, while preserving privacy and identity, instead of just staking the houses only for maximum profit and rentable square meters

To communicate and explain the new arrangement to the investors I illustrated steps on logical manner explaining at every change with the motive and the justification of every step, starting from the original proposal, to the final new results