het blauwe gebouw

The Blue Building in Tilburg may not be an officially registered monument but it surely holds a sentimental value for the local community, especially for the foundation set to preserve it and negotiate the different alternatives for tearing it down, as students in Tilburg, the architecture design studio sat to give a new perspective on the building . The studio was a great practice in teamwork and team management as much or even more than design practice.

Development of the concept

Surveying and analysis for the current situation structure

Different options of the facade louvers, according to the program of the building behind

The elements from the current situation that I selected for the next step.

NEW SKIN The existing iconic building is recognizable by its blue plinth And corten steel material. With the new building, we implement the horizontal lines of the shutters by introducing horizontal concrete lines expressing its roughness that is leading in the ‘Spoorzone’s identity

The new design allows for a mixed age demographic and diverse living options.

-MICRO LOFT Preferred student housing, by the size 35m2 it is a more affordable housing type. Since students are more physical in shape, they see no problems in living in height differences creating an uncommon volume that wraps around the public route.

-APARTMENT Preferred elderly housing, by the size 50-60m2 it could suite for elderly housing. The smaller size apartment has no height differences and is easily accessible.

-BIGGER APARTMENT Preferred small-family housing, by the size 100m2 it’s suitable for a small family house. The bigger size of the apartment can fit the needs and demands of small families.

Different Plans options