Useless are the attempts to make the fragile natural tools fight alone the humongous effect of the human activity wastes, so are the arrogant and ignorant illusions of man to surpass the results of over a 4 billion years of evolution and refinement with his decades( or centuries at best) old toys alone.

Only a hybrid that exploits the best of both can meet such a challenge and reach a balance at the fringe of the two worlds in a whole greater than the sum of its parts

The current linear model of water consumption is very concerning and is leading at absolute disaster It not only draining the already shrinking bodies of freshwater that we have but also polluting what is leftover, rendering it useless in a feedback loop of Fiasco.

To achieve balance every input no matter what should be recycled completely, a closed-loop where every output should be reintroduced to the system, added value should be produced at every level, only the energy input can be nonrenewable, and in this case we have an abundance of it since we are using the free nuclear Fusion reactor, the Sun.

Imagine that what we used to call hazardous waste one day, is now completely converted to a variety of useful products and necessary materials, in addition to retrieving the precious fresh, clear water.

And all of this without the additional energy bill that we typically need to pay with the current recycling models. Imagine a system that is so adaptable and flexible to be at the reach of the smallest outcasted rural house as well as the dense metropolises, a network of crawling vines grow through manholes of the then abandoned sewer systems and climbing the walls of the abandoned buildings.

This project is a humble attempt to start this process.